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those involved in providing entertainment: radio and television and films and theater

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Actress turned director/writer Denise Filiatrault, herself a renowned Quebec show-biz figure, imagines Robi as the kind of brilliant individualist who pays a high price for wanting to live her life in cinemascope.
He also knows how to use judicious composition and framing to reveal the tensions in a relationship Unfortunately, however, we don't get enough of Alys Robi's show-biz world.
The man who launched a million karaoke moments and at least a dozen tribute bands - some of whom are actually making a living - has a long-standing reputation for dramatic show-biz gestures.
In show-biz annals, Bukowski's personal-appearance demands stand among the easiest to meet.
In a nutshell: Actor Steve Nevil offers an exceptional portrayal of show-biz icon Jimmy Stewart but overstays his welcome.
But the 32-year-old show-biz kid's work as the loyal Samwise Gamgee, Frodo Baggins' Hobbit helper on an arduous world-saving mission, inspired tears and throat-lumps in millions who have seen the blockbuster final chapter of the Tolkien epic, ``The Return of the King.
As if we didn't need reminders that most kid actors fail to make a successful transition to adult show-biz careers, two movies opening today emphasize the point.
Of course, such legendary names as Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, Elizabeth Taylor, Jodie Foster, Diane Lane and Ron Howard have made bigger show-biz splashes as grown-ups than they did as children.
Like a show-biz trouper twice his age, Seacrest is thinking ahead to a long career, perhaps away from the cameras.
Misconceptions about show-biz successes like Seacrest include the illusion that fame descends overnight like an insect onto a leaf and that those in the spotlight enjoy an enormous amount of free time when the cameras are turned off.
Daniel Letterle and Joanna Chilcoat play teenagers preparing themselves for the show-biz wilderness in ``Camp.
Participants in the WB's kitschy reality series ``The Surreal Life,'' which gathers seven former celebrities under one roof for 10 days, may have been off the show-biz radar for a year, or two, or 10.
Evidently, this restaurant figures to attract studio and other show-biz folk who populate the area.