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a poster advertising a show or play

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He will feature on a show card, produced by the British Wool Marketing Board, to attract customers' attention to British wool carpets and remind people that British wool is a natural fibre.
Aimed at independents, the launch includes an "intergalactic" array of point of sale including the R2D2 display stand (pictured), a show card and a double-sided window poster.
The Zeiss show card incorporates a rotating wheel that visually aligns the various sunglass types with patient preferences for a quick, simple, face-to face demonstration of the available precision sunglass lenses.
Alex Salmond cannot cover up the black holes in his policy with a quiz show card.
App Switcher that shows card stack of apps can cause sluggish performance or show cards at random.
There are two parts of the exhibition -- one comprising historical material such as film stills, lobby cards, show cards and song books and the other comprising of works by nine artists," says Rahab Allana, who has curated the historical section Filmi Jagat: Shared Universe of Indian Cinema'.
6 M Clattenburg (Tyne & Wear): Got major calls right but too willing to show cards in first half.
But when you look at the show cards at the end of the day, you see that the horses have done a lot of shows, more than you think.
There is an exuberance of the players going towards the referee and inviting him to show cards.
I agree that at this World Cup there has been an exuberance of players going towards the referee inviting him to show cards.
To give you an example, original cardboard toy show cards advertising Hornby 0 gauge trains, that would have been given to dealers to put in their windows and perhaps measure one foot by one foot, regularly sell for up to pounds 1,000.
As well as 13 collections, it also features eyewear accessories and point of sale materials such as stands, posters and show cards.
One consignor said they had used up more than 70 show cards on Sunday alone, while David Powell, of Catridge Farm Stud, was another to notice an increased level of interest, saying: "We've been busy right the way through, certainly more so than we were last year.
Film posters, photographs, show cards ( those displayed in the cinema hall lobbies) and other filmrelated material are a big hit in the West.