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those involved in providing entertainment: radio and television and films and theater

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On the plus side of the show biz scene, movie stars are celebrating the fact that more local films are being screened in cineplexes these days.
Far too many kids end up in show biz because their parents have unfulfilled dreams of
But, Robin's most impressive show biz feat this decade was his hit comeback with Sharon in their 2017 reunion film, 'Unexpectedly Yours.
JM on his show biz comeback: 'Meron pong pinaghahandaan na show na gagawin.
Some stars turn out to be eyesores, but other luminaries compensate for their 'nega' vibes and can thus be much more positively described as sights for sore eyes-truly enlightening talents who make the local show biz scene a better place to be, both for its denizens and their empathetic viewers.
Not since Ronald Reagan has a real show biz veteran made a race for the White House, so, said Irving, "the time has come to elect someone who's got all four feet on the ground.
Once in a cheeky while, we come up with some cheekily unsolicited advice for show biz denizens to consider, whether they initially want to or not.
For Steely Dan, the somewhat mysterious concept-band formed by Becker and keyboard-playing partner Donald Fagen, who sang most of the evening's tunes with a snide, side-of-the-mouth delivery, that was the night's concession to show biz.
Her show biz roots go back to her grandfather, Ole Olson of Olson & Johnson, creator of "Hellzapoppin'.
When asked if show biz was ever a career option for his son, Jericho said he had other plans in mind.
Instead, Ward is satisfied to leave viewers with that hackneyed illusion that all of show biz is a mutual admiration society.
Reed Exhibition Companies, Cahners' sister Reed Elsevier company, produces numerous international entertainment industry trade shows, including Show Biz Expo, MIDEM, MIP and Broadcast Thailand in Asia; MIPCOM, MIP-TV in Europe.
I won't be surprised if he joins show biz, just like some former PBA players did.
Garry Shandling's acclaimed HBO series about the backstage bickering at a late-night talk show took a ground-breaking view of the back-stabbing particulars of both the ``show'' and the ``business'' of show biz.