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those involved in providing entertainment: radio and television and films and theater

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Dole's hapless attempt to appropriate Independence Day underscored a campaign predicated largely on successful Show Biz mergers.
Set up by the Las Vegas entertainment newspaper, Dirt Alert, the Show Biz Hot Line supplements Dirt Alert's audition listings and adds new jobs on a continually updated basis.
Jonny Buckland of Mold (left)and fellow members of Coldplay earned pounds 12m last year,making them among the leading show biz earners in OK
The actor died in 2000 but the girl's dad David reckons Ruby and Gold a will keep the show biz legacy alive.
And with politics looking more and more like show biz every day, it seems chillingly appropriate that ``Million Dollar Baby'' and ``The Aviator'' should be the top two Oscar-winning films of 2004.
And their artistry was overshadowed by a natural inclination toward show biz.
These are the foulest fowls of show biz - as Webster's defines them, ``stupid, inept, or unpleasant'' (too often all three) or just plain failures.
The hardest working band in show biz will hit the road this Fall to bring the mind blowing sounds of The D to a stadium near you.
Prior to moving to Valencia, Burton operated the Performing Arts School in Fresno, guiding students to more than 200 national competition titles including Star Power and Show Biz awards.
Several logos depicting a number of well known show biz artistes and films can be chosen.
Because of its focus on preparing students for all kinds of jobs in film, radio and television, CSUN produces valued employees at all levels of show biz.
Not since Ronald Reagan has a real show biz veteran made a race for the White House, so, said Irving, "the time has come to elect someone who's got all four feet on the ground.
Because of the entertainment industry and all the people who want to get into show biz, you have a lot of flamboyant people who would look completely out of place in Chicago or maybe even New York.
JUGULAR has been featured worldwide in "Entrepreneur," "License" and "Sportswear International" Magazines, as well as television appearances on CNN Show Biz Today and ABC News.
Her show biz roots go back to her grandfather, Ole Olson of Olson & Johnson, creator of "Hellzapoppin'.