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someone who communicates vocally in a very loud voice

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I heard the other day that a friend of mine here in Denver is a shouter, a belittler, when no visitors are around.
One of the most effective techniques in dealing with a Shouter is to identify and work with his or her strengths.
An exponent of the soul R&B shouter tradition that runs from James Brown to Hunter's sometime employer Van Morrison, Essex-born James exudes class.
Now in its third year, the line-up includes headliners Conn ie Lush and Blues Shouter.
The phrase, used in some youth circles - and the title of a 2013 R&B song - suggests the shouter had already had sex with the male student.
And Wilson said: "Davie was my captain at Rangers and he wasn't a shouter, he's quite a composed guy.
He's not a screamer and shouter, but he just said: 'It's a local derby for God's sake, try and do something for your fans', and we did.
JACKIE McNAMARA was never a shouter or a bawler as a player - and that hasn't changed in management.
Behind the music: This underrated Mississippi-born shouter first enjoyed success on Chicago's tiny Twinight Records, as chronicled on this terrific four-disc, 81-track set (spanning 1959 to 1977).
The mini-festival is being headlined by Connie Lush And Blues Shouter, pictured.
BLUES singer Connie Lush is performing at Baby Blue's Live Lunge on Sunday with her full band, Blues Shouter.
But the Toon chief enthused: "Jean-Alain is a shouter and an organiser and seems to have all the attributes required for captaincy.
With a Jackie Chan karate chop to the stereotype of the submissive Asian woman, Magdalen Hsu-Li answers back in the name of all outsiders--not as an agitprop political shouter but in the seductive voice of a tenderhearted artist who transmutes anger, beauty, and hope into a fully realized album.
Shouter - This poor soul thinks everyone is hearing challenged.