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But those shout outs are hardly derivative; consider them more safe havens along an otherwise wild ride.
Receive the 'deadly' mark of the black spider then listen out for in-store radio shout outs telling customers where to go to claim a prize.
The collection contains its share of raw, revolutionary love poems--along with many shout outs to New York poets past and present, and other literary ancestors.
To my delight, one thing that's stood out while I've been presenting my show on Radio Ulster thus far in 2014, is the amount of shout outs I've ended up giving to towns and villages outside of Derry and Belfast.
Plus we've had some great shout outs for Merseyside bands.
The PRESIDENT gave grandma and I unforgettable shout outs & now I am officially 28
Tinie guests, Simon (and the folks in Buckingham Palace) get shout outs, but the juddering and disorientating soundscape, terrific voiceovers and cheeky lyrics show the Lab Man pushing sonic boundaries.
Select new Twitter followers will be chosen at random in October to win free subscriptions, signed photos, Playboy apparel, Playmate shout outs and more.
Chris gives shout outs to the '78 Ditch, Jersey and Minnesota, 3rd Lair, and everything else.
Instead of certificate presentations, Steve and Karen from the Galaxy 105-106 breakfast show gave special shout outs.