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protective garment consisting of a hard rounded pad worn by football players to protect their shoulders

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A fitted jacket with set-in sleeves would need a different shoulder pad that ends near the shoulder seam.
The shoulder pad is now approved and used by some of the largest utility companies in America, including Comcast, Charter Communications, Cox Communications, and of course, its most recent approval with Verizon.
The CarbonTek with OS Technology (patent-pending) shoulder pad system has the sports industry's first-ever exoskeleton made of aerospace-grade carbon fibre, which is thinner, stronger and approximately ten percent lighter compared to competitors.
Despite a short-lived revival among dubiously-attired fashionistas, even the classification for shoulder pads - made famous by 80s icon Joan Collins - is phased out of the British telephone directory.
About one third of Acme's capacity is consumed in the shoulder pad business; this includes both internal and external sales.
Product Sub-Category: Bullet Proof Harness With Shoulder Pad
Shirts and jackets highlighted strong shoulder pads and ladies wore bubble skirts for special occasions.
The second coming of the shoulder pad, as it has been described, has been one of the stand out features of this year's catwalk farrago, apparently.
i think that what's happened to the shoulder pad listing reflects what is happening to women," says Sally Feldman, a cultural expert.
As the shoulder pad industry evolved, so did Acme Pad's business, said executive vice president Gary Cohen.
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Bullet Proof Harness With Shoulder Pad
Read on to achieve shoulder pad success in your next garment.
TRY ASOS sequin shoulder pad dress, pounds 60; Dorothy Perkins DP Collection velvet power shoulder dress, pounds 35; Matalan shoulder pad crop jacket, pounds 22.
There is a shoulder pad but it's not big and rounded like they used to be in the 1980s.
The Advantage shoulder pad is designed to be much lighter than traditional air management shoulder pads, as much as 20% for some models, according to Schutt.