shoulder girdle

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the bony arch formed by the collarbones and shoulder blades in humans

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Since the scapula varies in morphology, its measurements have importance in shoulder girdle pathologies.
We also observed that, compared with the pregnant females with FS; jaw, shoulder girdle, upper and lower arm, and neck were the less affected sites in pregnant females without FS.
The patient in this case presented with symptoms often typical to initial onset of NA such as severe acute onset of pain located in the shoulder girdle and thorax/rib area which began in the early morning hours while in bed.
Korkmaz et###Level VIII###Functional###Scapular and shoulder girdle strengthen-###Child amputee###For detailed assess-
Shoulder injury prevention programs address the common causes of shoulder pain including correcting poor posture and creating a stable base of support in the shoulder girdle and core.
Other sites like shoulder girdle, spine, pelvis, and sacroiliac joints, the anterior chest, metatarsals, metacarpals, phalanges, tarsal bones, mandible have also been reported.
machine - crane to exercise the muscles of the shoulder girdle - 2 pcs.
Sensation to light touch was preserved throughout the shoulder girdle and was symmetrical to the contralateral extremity.
In sections on surgical management, shoulder girdle and upper extremities, spine and pelvis, and lower extremities, they consider such topics as cryosurgical ablation of bone tumors, total scapular resections with endoprosthetic reconstruction, hip disarticulation and creating an above-knee amputation stump after hip disarticulation, using free vascularlized fibular grafts for reconstructing segmental bone defects, and the surgical management of metastatic bone disease: femoral lesions.
Kubiak and Slongo suggest that operative treatment is necessary only in older children or when the following indications exist: open fractures, impingement of soft tissue or potential risk for skin perforation, severe shortening of the shoulder girdle with or without displaced intermediate fragments, and displaced fractures with potential risk to the neurovascular bundle or mediastinal structures [6].
First the function of bones, collagen, cartilage, ligaments and joints are explained in seven sections on body areas including foot and ankle, knee and patella, hip and pelvis, spine, shoulder and shoulder girdle, and elbow and hand.
Dynamic structures are the shoulder girdle muscles and the rotator cuff.
The term rounded shoulders is often used to describe the rounded forward shoulder girdle and arm posture that is part of the upper crossed syndrome.
In addition to be among the leading causes of many diseases such as sleep apnea and sleep disorders, these diseases have also a direct impact on the stomatognathic apparatus, composed of several muscles connected to cranio-mandibular structures, to the rachis, to the shoulder girdle and upper limbs.
This segment will discuss the shoulder girdle and ribcage, specifically how the positioning of the scapulae (or shoulder blades) and sternum affect overall postural alignment.