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a small glass adequate to hold a single swallow of whiskey


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He added that a further 60 shot glasses will be sold to raise money for charity.
Jackie prepared queso de bola cheesecake and suman (rice cake) panna cotta and desserts on small plates or shot glasses.
I started getting intrigued by the history and culture of glass objects, and I learned that all kinds of glass - including shot glasses - used to be handcrafted before 1926.
The pack includes a T-shirt, grenade USB, notebook, shot glasses, playing cards and sticking plasters.
This set of four shot glasses will be a "hit" at your next party or as a housewarming or birthday gift.
Don Julia Tequila, from Diageo, is featuring holiday gift sets, with branded shot glasses, for both its Anejo and Blanco expressions.
Distilled in Sweden, this sparkling vodka should be refrigerated, chilled on ice and served in shot glasses - clean and fresh with a sweet finish, it's a delicious slow sipper and pairs well with oysters or shellfish.
There is a clock, mousemat, notebook and pen, shot glasses, light-up speakers, glowing shoelaces, messenger bag and glow t-shirt up for grabs.
Shot Glass: Even if you're never in the mood for a quick shot of vodka or rum, keep shot glasses handy.
In our case, a vendor donates energy drinks for exposure, which we pair with shot glasses bearing our community logo.
Common sense prevailed and they settled on smarty pants Oxford PhD graduate Ming Yun with his glow in the dark shot glasses.
Our concerned parent conveniently decides to not include the facts surrounding the gifting of engraved shot glasses to the departing year.
Now in an expanded and updated fourth edition, the "Kentucky Derby Glasses Price Guide", compiled by Judy Marchman is a unique and superbly illustrated compendium focusing on all of the Kentucky Derby glasses and shot glasses, as well as other rare and valuable glasses associated with professional horse racing.
We have moved way beyond shot glasses," says Ann Ferraguto of AirProjects, a company that consults with airports about the best use of their space.
Several barware items, from shot glasses to tumblers, are included in games that can be played on top of a table.