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a small glass adequate to hold a single swallow of whiskey


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Kim Kardashian Bum Challenge Using the same principle as the shot glass technique, attach an industrial plunger to each buttock.
75 milliliters [mL]), a shot glass (25 mL), a coffee cup (100 mL), or a soda glass (190 mL).
In addition, the company says the new brand is meant to be consumed mixed with cola or sipped on the rocks, as opposed to in a shot glass.
Contrary to gringo mythology, high-end Mexican tequila is not made from cactus juice, doesn't come with an engorged worm loitering at the bottom of the bottle, and isn't swilled with a grimace from a shot glass followed by a squeeze of lemon and a tablespoon of salt to mask its taste.
Add water to Stoli's shot glass mold, snap on the lid, freeze it, and .
In snowy Russia, the competitors are offered a choice of challenges: block five hockey pucks shot by professional hockey players, or drink a shot glass of vodka in the Cossack tradition: balancing the glass on a sword blade and drinking it without dropping it.
Even without a shot glass of the region's legendary pisco liquor, the night sky over Vicuna appears to swirl like a web of stars, pressing close to Earth.
The Wacky Idea department has a new pair of, uh, interesting products for you: The edible shot glass and the lime bomber.
Did anybody, specially the architects, ask the clerks if they are happy to work in hermetically shot glass enclosures.
One molder boasts that he could hold a week's production in a shot glass.
Caballito: The Spanish word for the Mexican shot glass used by people who enjoy tequila is pronounced "ca-ba-yee-toh.
19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- After nearly three years of research and development, two college student entrepreneurs create the world's most revolutionary dual-chamber shot glass, the Snapshotr.
e other drinking cup shown here is often referred to as a shot glass, although it too is made of silver and might be better described as a vodka cup.
That amounts to an astonishing 9,500 dollars for a small shot glass of one of the most exalted brews ever drawn from the oak casks at acclaimed Scottish distiller Morrison Bowmore Ltd.
Brown said he attacked Roger, who was frail and in poor health, after he mocked his "moobs", insulted his mother then went for him with a shot glass.