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(baseball) the person who plays the shortstop position

the fielding position of the player on a baseball team who is stationed between second and third base


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Rookie of the Year honors with Baltimore, beginning an iron-man career that would rank him among the best shortstops ever.
In 1946, the first year following the end of World War II, 25 percent--or four of the league's 16 teams-started a Hall of Fame shortstop; one other team started a former MVP, and two other teams also opened with very good offensive shortstops, e Clearly, it was a position that was not without its stars, and the overall production proved it.
Baseball is stuffed now with large, rangy big shortstops that can hit with power.
Alex Gonzalez is one of the top shortstops in the league," Cubs manager Don Baylor said.
Ozzie was the definition of a banjo hitter, but also one of the best defensive shortstops anyone had ever seen.
Valdez replaced Rafael Furcal at shortstop in the third inning and went 1 for 2, doubling into the right-field corner off one-time Dodgers pitcher Buddy Carlyle in the fifth.
DALLAS - The physical examination that will seal free-agent shortstop Rafael Furcal's three-year, $39 million agreement with the Dodgers won't take place until today.
And, shortstops play a key role in the process of thwarting an opposing team's attack.
Austin, senior shortstop Liz Roche and sophomore pitcher Sarah Biggs are big reasons why Providence (14-3, 6-0) has outscored its six Liberty League opponents 52-0.
That began a long line of great Venezuelan shortstops that would include Hall of Famer Luis Aparicio, perennial All-Star Dave Concepcion and four-time All-Star Ozzie Guillen.
For ten points, name two of the three shortstops in major league history to club 40 or more home runs in a single season.
So, how do you score the play when Ramirez doesn't get to a ball she normally would - a ball most shortstops wouldn't come close to?
You know they were definitely looking at shortstops,'' Eckstein said by telephone from his Florida home, ``but I was totally in the dark about it.
After finishing third among National League shortstops with a .