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Synonyms for shortsightedness

(ophthalmology) eyesight abnormality resulting from the eye's faulty refractive ability

a lack of prudence and care by someone in the management of resources

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Big-business clearcutters are guilty of the same shortsightedness, Wilkinson says.
Outside Central Europe, the most vivid example of Czech shortsightedness was its attempt to parlay President Clinton's visit to Prague last year into a one-on-one summit.
architect Susan Narduli both underestimated the amount of time needed to realize their proposal of wrapping dozens of trees in an unusual wire mesh; finishing only a few, the artists left behind the uncompleted project as a relic of their shortsightedness.
Because Spear and his team will not idealize human nature, or underestimate our capacity for shortsightedness, denial, inertia and greed, they believe this trend will produce a squeeze play that will last a generation.
Of course the trains are overcrowded, mainly due to the increase in rail travel and the shortsightedness of the train operating company by not providing sufficient rolling stock to cope with the demand.
Shortsightedness is no excuse for poor judgement, and once these spaces are lost, we will never get them back.
South Shields-born Jan Fearnley broke down as she told a medical disciplinary hearing that she hoped ophthalmologist Dr Haralabos Eleftheriadis would correct her shortsightedness.
South Shields-born Jan Fearnley, above, hoped ophthalmologist Dr Har-alabos Eleftheriadis would correct her shortsightedness.
I have every sympathy with Mr Hodgkiss and his daughter and it's time to stop this shortsightedness now.
The results of this shortsightedness undoubtedly will, in the long run, lower both (Adequate Yearly Progress) and (Academic Performance Index) scores at each school site,'' the letter said.
Just as this flight remarkably demonstrated the forward-looking technological innovations developed by the Wrights, the letter from Major General Gillespie remarkably demonstrated the federal bureaucracy's bumbling shortsightedness and incompetence.
Sadly, once again, shortsightedness by the powers that be has ensured that the former PoW camp at Island Farm, Bridgend, disappear forever as a Welsh heritage site and a tourist attraction.
Shortsightedness opens the door even wider to potential surprises.
The latest and most compelling critics of this long-standing shortsightedness are the respected team of Allan Kennedy and Terrence Deal.
However, blaming the people who have jobs is not merely a sign of envy or shortsightedness.