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Synonyms for shortsighted

lacking foresight or scope

unable to see distant objects clearly

not given careful consideration

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It would be unreasonable to focus shortsightedly on the effect that any particular drug policy would have on the parties trafficking in controlled substances to the exclusion of the adverse effects that this business and our laws will have on others in the community.
Shortsightedly organizing ourselves "towards comfort and ease, a balanced society with security and permanency as its watchword" means letting "the dream of the human intellect" commit "suicide" ("Time Machine" 57).
Budziszewski's book is an attempt to restore to sex what has been tragically and shortsightedly lost by our culture, and that is meaning.
It had been closed down for violations offish-related hygiene issues; the proprietor had shortsightedly complied with the letter of the law, neglecting the spirit of law enforcement.
She shortsightedly refused to come to their aid and now our lack of an industrial base is killing the British economy.
They may still behave shortsightedly when cued by possible future losses, because their emotional response to immediate rewards is so intense that this may exceed responses to possible future losses.
Only ignorance or malevolence, it seemed to progressives, could explain Bush administration policies that in the critics' eyes shortsightedly and counterproductively put security ahead of liberty, since the struggle against Islamist terror gave rise to no hard questions of justice.
The neoliberal education agenda, perhaps most shortsightedly, views the high-stakes accountability system as a tool to effect the reduction of disparities between the achievement levels of low-income and minority students and their more affluent White counterparts.
Despite some significant accomplishments, China routinely pursues policies that shortsightedly promote growth at the expense of environmental health (Zhang et al.
The regime shortsightedly promoted the formation of an ignorant workforce suitable for only low-skilled jobs.
Somewhat shortsightedly we laughed at the thought such technology would become commonplace.
Will issuers react shortsightedly and just impose fees or will they rethink their business model and move from a product focus to a customer focus?
India instead of grappling with Naxalites who control 20% of Indian Territory and are an existential threat, it is shortsightedly consuming all its energies in covert operations under the fond hope that destabilization of Pakistan would stabilize India.
King Hezekiah shortsightedly responds, "At least there will be peace in my day.
They've got their hearts set on a Victorian house in Cobham, Surrey, but the Victorians - rather shortsightedly - didn't build enough of them to meet demand from 21st-century families who want to combine semi-rural living with a short commute.