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Synonyms for shortsighted

lacking foresight or scope

unable to see distant objects clearly

not given careful consideration

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One respondent shortsightedly suggested that they are not worth investing in unless a library is under threat.
I think it's edifying to remind ourselves that to be political doesn't primarily mean to be amorally opportunistic or shortsightedly and self-servingly scheming.
I reveled in the extra paychecks, but shortsightedly ignored the larger one waiting for me if I can just finish.
The public's failure, and this includes the press, has been to condemn shortsightedly these politicians for their obvious hypocrisy instead of engaging in the debate.
Merritt shortsightedly limits the flexibility of employers in such cases to impose discipline on harassers.
The American public is understandably, if shortsightedly, more worried about random crimes of street violence.
A frequent comment by interviewees relates to users who shortsightedly try to save money by minimizing the vendor relationship.
But this is impossible if we shortsightedly pit humans against animals against the environment.
At a time when an increasing number of Lane County residents are struggling to make ends meet and avoid utility shutoffs, the Eugene Water & Electric Board has shortsightedly chosen not to reserve the bulk of $4.
Such a commonwealth takes human beings as they are--creatures of passion and pride, endowed with reason but easily deflected from its course by a self-interest that they tend to conceive too narrowly and shortsightedly, and by irrational fears for their eternal salvation.
Here in Oregon some of our commissioners have shortsightedly decided to invoke some obscure land use law to curtail the rights of the Robinsons to continue sharing, at no cost to the public, their wish to enjoy the beauty of their tiny train in the meadow with invited friends.
Not only the president's opponents, but also many of his allies, were quite clear in their view that the president recklessly and shortsightedly failed to conduct himself in a manner consistent with his office.