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Synonyms for shortsighted

lacking foresight or scope

unable to see distant objects clearly

not given careful consideration

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If one parent is myopic, there is a 70 per cent chance their children will be shortsighted.
unemployed people, is a shortsighted decision because more young unemployed people means more cost in benefit and fewer people paying taxes.
What a shame that we who were young were so shortsighted.
This disinterest on the part of ownership, however, is considerably shortsighted when one looks at the future.
Snitch Culture is occasionally shortsighted, since it tends to focus on the surveillance itself, and not the repressive goals of those who order it.
greedy, shortsighted idiots," Bill Goldsmith, Web director of simulcast pioneer KPIG, told Wired News.
This being said, I think critics of online learning are a bit shortsighted.
Most forecasts of greenhouse warming take a relatively shortsighted view by focusing on how the climate will react to a doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide - an increase expected sometime in the middle of the next century under current emission rates.
Recent history has shown that proposals such as this are foolhardy, shortsighted and ineffective.
Gwent police will be carrying out roadside eye tests throughout February to catch shortsighted drivers.
But that would be shortsighted, destructive politics.
Shortsighted people who spend hours in front of a computer screen could be at risk of developing glaucoma.
Mike Hudson's article claiming that homosexuals will be like heterosexuals in 50 years is shortsighted, inaccurate, and homophobic ["The Future of Gay," June 22].
They have historically chosen to be part of building a successful carrier, rather than acting in a shortsighted manner.
This disinterest on the part of owners, however, is considerably shortsighted.