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English breed of short-horned cattle


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QUALITY Beef Shorthorn females were in demand at Chelford last week with the best of the bunch consigned by Denbighshire producer Tudor Williams.
Milking Shorthorns are known for their docile disposition and tractability, making this the breed of choice for oxen production in organizations like Tiller's International.
Sister and brother Wendy |Young and Ian Collins with the prizewinning Dairy Shorthorns.
Most of the early settlers in this country had Shorthorn cattle.
The exact number of milking and beef Shorthorns in the United States today is unknown, but in 2000, there were about 2,800 milking Shorthorns registered.
Dressed in the traditional white shirt and pants worn in dairy showmanship competition, Cody was focusing on the task at hand yesterday afternoon as the Ayrshires, Brown Swiss, Guernseys, Holsteins, Jerseys and milking shorthorns were cajoled into place to be judged.
She spent nine years developing Arfryn garden by appropriating land from husband Aaron's 170-head dairy herd of Holsteins, Ayrshires and Shorthorns.
Beef Shorthorns also enjoyed a buoyant trade and topped at PS1205 from David Carr, Highwood with another at PS1055 from Peter Turnbull, Shepherds Croft, Whitby, North Yorks.
Shorthorns are medium-sized cattle which vary in colour from red to white.
She was a dairy shorthorn - the only roan, which is a mix of red and white hairs that makes her look mostly red, the colour of bricks - the other shorthorns were white, or red, or white and red, but they didn't have many.
Milking Shorthorns also have a wonderful history of helping to settle America because they are such a docile and versatile animal.
Familiar Royal Welsh Show breeds such as the Welsh Black (pictured winning at the 2003 show) will be joined by Beef Shorthorns in the cattle division -not seen since 1974 -and Landrace and Berkshire pig breeds
The two breeds are recorded separately, and the Shorthorns produce similar yields to the Holsteins but with improved fats and protein - Shorthorns 6,890kg (4.
Nines included Milking Shorthorns, Santa Gertrudis and Polled Shorthorns.
Frank Milnes, secretary of the Beef Shorthorn Cattle Society said: "The Ballylinney herd is one of the largest herds of Pedigree Beef Shorthorns in the UK.