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fat such as butter or lard used in baked goods

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The lane was long and unvaried, and, owing to the rapid shortening of the days, dusk came upon her before she was aware.
In the fall of the year, when the days were shortening and the bite of the frost was coming into the air, White Fang got his chance for liberty.
Mirabel has made the best excuse he could think of for shortening his visit; and I don't wonder at it," she said, looking significantly at Emily.
The newspapers published information of an unprecedented rise in wages and shortening of hours for the railroad employees, the iron and steel workers, and the engineers and machinists.
In less time than the quickest tongue could tell it, these words were exchanged, and Sir Mulberry shortening his whip, applied it furiously to the head and shoulders of Nicholas.
Thank 'ee, Velveteens; I'm very comfortable," said Tom, shortening the rod in his hand, and preparing for battle.
Everywhere was manifest a pinching and scraping, a tightenig and shortening down of expenditure.
Since Miss Haldin with her sure instinct had refrained from introducing me to the burly celebrity, I would have retired quietly and returned later on, had I not met a peculiar expression in her eyes which I interpreted as a request to stay, with the view, perhaps, of shortening an unwelcome visit.
Importance of Identifying a PRE-COLD Zicam Cold Remedy Nasal Swabs are most effective at shortening the duration of a cold when used at the first sign, also known as a PRE-COLD.
6 ounces of fat (vegetable shortening, all butter or a combination of both.
Dropbox's URL shortening service can be used to create links to content in that public folder.
This month's analysis reveals that for the first time, spammers have established a genuine URL shortening service that is publically available and will generate real shortened links.
The rate at which the shortening occurs can be increased in disease and can be increased by other stresses.
He added that if current prisoners do receive shorter terms, in most cases it will only be a shortening of six months to a year, particularly at a time when many sentences are shortened for good behavior anyway.
Not a word about the partially hydrogenated vegetable shortening and the 9 grams of trans fat, 10 grams of saturated fat, and 890 milligrams of sodium in each 500-calorie serving .