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Synonyms for shortcut

a route shorter than the usual one

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But those who are unwilling to pay the required price for lasting success and embrace shortcuts often end up paying far higher price than they would have paid to achieve their aim.
Immediately beneath the search bar, users can now find tappable shortcuts enabling quick access to key information like cricket scores, weather, nearby restaurants and more.
His earthly journey was filled with challenges and difficulties, but he did not take shortcuts.
With shortcuts right on the home screen, you now have access to in-depth experiences across sports, eat & drink, entertainment and weather," Tamar Yehoshua, vice president of product management, Google, said on the (https://www.
Shortcut Labs has commenced collaborating with several allies to integrate Flic into its items and services.
Like any good shortcut, its construction was no cakewalk and, as Jared Wade explains in this month's cover story, its new expansion is proving just as challenging.
The new program directs users to thousands of shortcuts for dozens of computer applications, allowing them to navigate through their applications with the click of a button.
The new sticker set can transform any Mac or PC keyboard into a Quantel Keyboard with over 60 shortcuts for the program.
Unlike the Microsoft-recommended workaround and related tool, the Sophos tool won't blank out shortcut file images, turning once colorful and identifiable icons into blank white graphics.
Microsoft offered two workarounds, including one that disables icons from being displayed for shortcuts, and another that disables the WebClient service, blocking a possible remote attack vector.
One need look no further than the story of universal life insurance for an example, remembering UL sales in the 1980s, and how the contracts blew up later on due to ill-advised shortcuts.
So it seemed a bit unorthodox when author Scott Halford encouraged everyone to become one in his appropriately titled book, Be a Shortcut.
Crazy Shortcut Quilts: Quilt As You Go And Finish In Half The Time" is the collaborative work of quilt-making expert Marguerita McManus and quilting enthusiast Sarah Raffuse who show aspiring needlecrafters how they can make crazy quilts in a matter of hours instead of the months it took their grandmothers to accomplish.
If you're a regular user of MS Word consider getting to know some shortcuts with shortcut key combinations.
While there is still no keyboard shortcut for hiding a layer, in Photoshop CS2 you can now undo turning off a layer.