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Synonyms for shortcoming

Synonyms for shortcoming

something that mars the appearance or causes inadequacy or failure

an imperfection of character

Synonyms for shortcoming

a failing or deficiency


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His mother used to get up in prayer-meeting and tell all her children's shortcomings and ask prayers for them.
Lynde did not spare him in her enumeration of his shortcomings, you may be sure.
And thereat, solicited by Joan, Tudor narrated the wreck of the Huahine; while Sheldon smoked and pondered, and decided that whatever the man's shortcomings were, he was at least not a liar.
But somebody had to do the cooking, and whatever else his shortcomings, Beauty Smith could cook.
AS a preface is the only place where an author can with propriety explain a purpose or apologize for shortcomings, I venture to avail myself of the privilege to make a statement for the benefit of my readers.
But, as Uncle Alec's experiment was intended to amuse the young folks, rather than suggest educational improvements for the consideration of the elders, she trusts that these shortcomings will be overlooked by the friends of the Eight Cousins, and she will try to make amends in a second volume, which shall attempt to show The Rose in Bloom.
Perhaps there are many more of them than the shortcomings of our own characters will allow us to imagine.
If I seem to boast more than is becoming, my excuse is that I brag for humanity rather than for myself; and my shortcomings and inconsistencies do not affect the truth of my statement.
And so, during the next two years, in which it was more than doubtful whether he would get good or evil from the School, and before any steady purpose or principle grew up in him, whatever his week's sins and shortcomings might have been, he hardly ever left the chapel on Sunday evenings without a serious resolve to stand by and follow the Doctor, and a feeling that it was only cowardice (the incarnation of all other sins in such a boy's mind) which hindered him from doing so with all his heart.
Here was a relative of mine, awakened to a sense of her shortcomings towards others, under the influence, not of conviction and duty, but of sentiment and impulse
It is truly wonderful," he said, "how easily Society can console itself for the worst of its shortcomings with a little bit of clap-trap.
Women's words fell into water, but the shortcomings of time-tables remained.
The absence of records of when pest control was implemented in the respective farms was one recurring shortcoming.
The reality and future aspirations) has lamented that there was media shortcoming against a considerable government achievements
As the statistics is based on data summarized from about 26 factories, the probability of any human shortcoming during the ongoing project can be presumed.