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Synonyms for short-term

intended, used, or present for a limited time

Synonyms for short-term

relating to or extending over a limited period


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The goal of eHealth's Cost & Benefits of Short-Term Health Insurance report is to provide a perspective on cost and benefit trends in the short-term health insurance market, based on an analysis of a geographically distributed sample of short-term medical insurance policies.
Still, some industry experts say that treasury managers may be feeling a little more freedom these days to keep more cash available versus no cash, as well as a little less pressure in managing their short-term position.
But we were surprised to see the money the employer could save if they had the same short-term disability provider and medical insurer," said Jay Menario, senior vice president of marketing for Cigna Group.
Conventional lenders are not an option for those coming out of bankruptcy, whereas short-term lenders will at times finance borrowers with lesser credit ratings, allowing them time to stabilize their financial situation.
1223-3(d)(2) requires such gain or loss to be divided between long- and short-term capital gain or loss.
In its reluctance to issue short-term debt, Germany is unusual in Europe and among industrialized countries.
The process to develop the plan requires formulation of short-term objectives and long-term goals and prediction of milestones against which one can measure progress toward the objectives.
Since short-term investments no loonger have the purchasing power of yesteryear, people will have to look for longer maturities.
Like the Long-term IDR, the Short-term IDR has been defined by Fitch under its new methodology as a pure measure of default risk at the entity level.
To do so, the process of setting financial and operational goals must strike the right balance between short-term stretch and long-term sustainability.
As a result, if a RIC has a net short-term capital gain, such gain will be included in computing to RIC's taxable income a taxed at ordinary income rates.
At the same time, Fitch has affirmed BAC's Long-Term Issuer Default Rating (IDR) at 'AA-' and 'F1+' short-term rating.
The Long-term Issuer Default Rating (IDR), short-term, and Support ratings of all entities are affirmed.
The ratings are constrained by below average profitability and reliance on short-term funding sources.
enlisted personnel in four branches of the armed services regarding their attitudes toward, and usage of, short-term credit, including payday loans.