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Poyser," said the old squire, peering at her with his short-sighted eyes--a mode of looking at her which, as Mrs.
He was dreadfully short-sighted, and there is no pleasure in taking in a husband who never sees anything.
Fouquet was short-sighted, Gourville was annoyed by the sun, now full in his eyes; the skipper alone, with that habit and clearness which are acquired by a constant struggle with the elements, perceived distinctly the travelers in the neighboring lighter.
Short-sighted as I am, doubtful as was the gleam of the firelight, a moment's examination enabled me to recognize in this person my acquaintance, Mr.
A weak and narrow man would have reasoned that all the money which came to Tuskegee in this way would be just so much taken from the Hampton Institute; but none of these selfish or short-sighted feelings ever entered the breast of General Armstrong.
An Ulster University study has found higher levels of the sleep-regulating hormone, melatonin, in individuals with myopia than in those who are not short-sighted.
PLANS to temporarily halt fertility treatment for Northern Irish couples are short-sighted, campaigners warned yesterday.
In fact, when it comes to the balance of short-term benefits and long-term benefits, inter-temporal decision-making behaviors of the consumers can be divided into short-sighted behavior and strategic behavior.
us people to know short-sighted ever allowed place.
It would surely be short-sighted to cut the funding in November's spending review.
Summary: Planned government decision to raise the excise tax on fuel - is ill-conceived and short-sighted decision
But it does not explain why it is wore short-sighted than the market process.
However, the creative solution may be a short-sighted response to the problem that requires a structural and long-range solution," Anthony Coloma, information and advocacy officer of the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP), said when sought his reaction to the proposal to shorten class schedules.
What a shame the Sex Pistol was given short shrift by short-sighted producers of the late lamented soap.
THE decision to knock down the Walker Welfare Centre in Thornhill appears to be short-sighted and ill-conceived.