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Synonyms for short-handed

inadequate in number of workers or assistants etc.

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South Korea allowed one more short-handed goal in the second period.
There was still time in the last 35 seconds for Nergaard to make it 7-0 despite the Braves being short-handed for five minutes due to Jack Wilkinson's penalty for roughing.
The Bruins scored first for the eighth straight game with Marchand's short-handed goal 4:15 after the opening faceoff.
And the goals came from welcome sources - Ben Arnt bundled in the equaliser, Steven Goertzen shot the second and Ryan O'Marra broke and scored short-handed.
MARY had a little lamb And on a field one day, The football team, short-handed, Asked the lamb to play.
However, the Warriors grabbed themselves a vital goal just before the break, a sweet move seeing Callum Watson playing the puck across the goal for Mark Good to score into an empty net on a short-handed play.
Meanwhile, Team Poseidon swept a short-handed Team Tethys 4-0 (3,073-2,629) to maintain their lead in the division two title race.
Jimmy Reed scored a short-handed goal early in the third period to tie the score, and Sean Park scored the game-winner on a power play as the Eugene Generals rallied for a 6-4 home victory over Southern Oregon in a Northern Pacific junior hockey league match Saturday night.
Matchup: The Blackhawks (16-5-2) won their eighth straight game Wednesday night in San Jose, getting three short-handed goals in a 7-2 win over the Western Conference- leading Sharks.
The Bulldogs, already severely depleted, suffered further injuries and had to play short-handed during the final match of the season in Nottingham as they fell to their heaviest defeat of the summer, losing 78-4.
Keep in mind that in a short-handed game your opponent isn't very likely to have much of a hand.
A SHORT-HANDED poker game is one in which there are six players or less seated at the table.
Belfast's fourth goal, short-handed, really killed us.
Freeze then found themselves short-handed after Davies was sent to the sin bin for a misconduct call.
Processors who have enough equipment on hand to bale their flow of scrap one month may find them selves short-handed the next month when one or two major projects come their way.