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Synonyms for short-circuit

hamper the progress of

create a short circuit in


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avoid something unpleasant or laborious

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When the different level circuit breakers are equally loaded, lower rated circuit breaker should interrupt short-circuit current before the higher rated circuit breaker.
Short-circuit faults are quite often in electric power network.
BF: I believe, in that particular case, the short-circuit effect occurs because the work, although a monochrome, doesn't present a calm surface that absorbs the gaze, but instead literally comes toward you: when the painting is hung upright, all the drops point toward the spectator in a chaotic, agitated way.
Emergency teams said the problem was a short-circuit, as in most other fires where an electrical fault is to blame, but the EWA spokesman said the problem often starts with poor wiring.
The short-circuit knocked out power to two of three computers controlling the craft's main engines, but the craft was able to reach orbit using the remaining controller.
To ensure safe operation without adding extra components, the NCP5602 and NCP5612 feature short-circuit and overvoltage protection.
Permissible short-circuit current: 40 kA / 1 s max.
Residents in parts of Muharraq were without power for at least two hours, after a short-circuit knocked out a sub-station, at around 3pm on Sunday.
But you don't have to short-circuit your bank account in order to sample the hot new electronic gadgets.
The latched shutdown allows for implementation of various protection features such as cycle-by-cycle over-current, open-load or short-circuit detection without additional components, while the non-latched shutdown allows for easy interface to a microcontroller for use in a wider variety of power management applications.
The secure electric isolation of the 1EDS-SRC EiceDRIVER Safe complies with the strict specifications of VDE 0884-10 and has specially developed short-circuit protection functions.
Why it stopped is unclear--a short-circuit, perhaps, or a meteorite impact?
It features true cut-off, short-circuit and overvoltage protection, and offers undervoltage lock-out.
Two additional Alastom short-circuit generators is ordered by DNV KEMA for the extension of its high-power laboratory in Arnhem, Netherlands.