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a brokerage account of someone who sells short (sells securities he does not own)

the aggregate of short sales on an open market

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There is, too, a short account of Shakespeare's life, his relationship with the Globe Theatre of his day and with London theatres in general, as well as a history of today's Globe.
Luke's short account of Jesus' birth in Bethlehem mentions the manger: Mary laid her infant in the manger.
The Scottish explorer begins the work: "My own inclination would lead me to say as little as possible about myself, but several friends, in whose judgment I have confidence, have suggested that, as the reader likes to know something about the author, a short account of his origin and early life would lend additional interest to this book.
At the beginning of this publication we find A Short Account of Galileo's Life (7-20), where the basic moments of his biography are highlighted.
A short account of the life of a penguin confirmed to be a bit awkward when walking but marvelous at flying through the water.
A second possible reason for the short account of Madison's presidency is that his term might well be considered an extension of Jefferson's two terms in office.
According to a short account of the news of the UNICEF, 22000 babies dies each day due to the malnutrition and tyrannic and barbaric attitude of poverty.
She rightly observes that Japanese Canadians are not a heterogeneous community, but she does not explore this save for a mention of class divisions, a short account of the "self-supporting settlements," and brief references to pre-war property ownership (or lack of it).
A postscript, "Mexican Ideas Move North," provides a tantalizingly short account of the northern trajectory of "reefer madness" (229).
In concluding this short account, a modest tribute to Cassius Ionescu Tulcea for his life and work dedicated to Mathematics, we express our gratitude for his substantial and inspiring contributions brought to our beloved field of knowledge.
Here is a short account of his good and productive life.
The introduction gives biographical details of Rose, his family and circumstances, describes the village of Belchalwell and its surroundings, outlines the probable circumstances of Rose's music-making, and gives a very good short account of what the music is and where it came from.
In this short account of his time there, he focuses on his intense religious experiences within himself and in interacting with other scavengers and mountain-dwellers.
The portal provides a short account of the objectives & services of parks in addition to a full review of Abu Dhabi parks and garden which include: Khalifa Park, Assema Park, Tourist Club Park, Bani Yas Public Park, Bani Yas Ladies & Children Park, Al Khalidiya Public Park, Al Maqtaa Park, Al Shahama Park, and the new Airport Park.