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Synonyms for shorn

having the hair or wool cut or clipped off as if with shears or clippers


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Before these fields were shorn and till'd, Full to the brim our rivers flow'd; The melody of waters fill'd The fresh and boundless wood; And torrents dash'd, and rivulets play'd, And fountains spouted in the shade.
He wore a hunting shirt of forest-green, fringed with faded yellow*, and a summer cap of skins which had been shorn of their fur.
Our only consolation, Kit,' pursued the lawyer, looking at him in a sort of pensive abstraction, 'is, that although we cannot turn away the wind, we can soften it; we can temper it, if I may say so, to the shorn lambs.
Ian Jones, from Hundred House, near Builth Wells, took up shearing at 17 and has also shorn in New Zealand many times.
Skirting the fleece (removing a strip about 3 inches wide from the edges of the shorn fleece) is proper, especially if you're selling to spinners.
3 : to strip of as if by cutting <The tyrants were shorn of their power.