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Synonyms for shoreward

(of winds) coming from the sea toward the land

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It was not until they were putting on their shoes that they sighted the yellow head bearing shoreward.
The old man turned his brown eyes, sweet as a woman's, shoreward, and both captain and mate followed his gaze around from the lonely rock of Pitcairn to the crew clustering forward and waiting anxiously for the announcement of a decision.
McCoy looked shoreward, where the land was disappearing in the thickening haze.
And, motioning me to follow, set off wading shoreward without paying further attention to him.
In less than five minutes one of the steam launches was rushing shoreward to order a big boat and some hospital people for the removal of the crew.
I saw people struggling shorewards, and heard their screaming and shouting faintly above the seething and roar of the Martian's collapse.
The fish plunged, ran upstream, returned, sounded beneath the boat, then headed shoreward.
At times her voice would fade away and he would strain to hear it, as if it floated shoreward on a fragile sea breeze.
additionally included in the scope of this project are evaluation and restoration of eroded uplands immediately shoreward of the existing revetment and design of alternatives to the revetment in select areas.
In the 1930s nearly a hundred weirs--the graceful structures of sixty-foot-tall stakes, birch top-poles, and netting that capture fish as they school shoreward to feed--skirted the island's shore.
In the frontal region and over the outer shelf, surface waters are slightly saltier than the waters located immediately shoreward, over the midshelf, consistent with the presence of a coastal jet that transports upwelling waters northward from Punta Lavapie, as suggested by the cooler tongue visible in the satellite SST image (Fig.
In North Carolina, Avissar (2006) found that crabbers relocated their crab pots shoreward into shallow-water areas and tidal marsh creeks to avoid damage to the pots from sea turtles attempting to remove the bait, and Grant (6) noted that capture rates of diamondback terrapin decreased with distance from shore.
When waves hit weedy shorelines, such as "Scene 3," the onshore surface current bends weeds shoreward as the brunt of the force is buffered by weedstalks.
A strengthening wind overnight meant the boat's anchor was dragged shoreward, grounding the vessel at low water.