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Isle of Skye Ferry Community Interest Company are proposing to construct a single-storey Ferry Shore Station adjacent to the existing macadam finished car park at the Glenelg Ferry Station.
He added: "If we knew the situation in the shore station before we bought it we would never have moved there.
Twenty-one shore stations operated periodically between 1892 and 1972; they were often short-lived, and always influenced by overexploitation and market changes.
Solar panels on the surface buoy provide power for radio transmitters that send data 4 miles (7 kilometers) to the shore station on Grenada.
11) Tasmanian Aboriginal men like William Lanne worked on whaling ships, but it appears to have been less common for them to work on shore stations in Tasmania, even though Aboriginal men joined shore whaling crews in many other parts of Australia, particularly in New South Wales and Western Australia.
Second, our people, based on their education and experience, are aligned into eight competencies (program management, contracts, logistics, research and engineering, test and evaluation, industrial, corporate operations, and shore station management) to insure the standardization of operational processes and the refreshment of professional competence through continuous learning.
In September 1983 the Norwegian magazine Ikkevold ("Nonviolence") revealed that the shore station in Norway that collects data from the Arctic SOSUS chain is located on the island of Andoya.
The Monterey Accelerated Research System (MARS) will consist of 70 kilometers (44 miles) of submarine cable laid out from a shore station along the northern side of the Monterey Canyon to a single science node located 1,200 meters (almost 4,000 feet) below the ocean surface.
The Martha's Vineyard Observatory will have sensors mounted on two seafloor nodes, at depths of about 5 and 15 meters, respectively, connected to a shore station via a buried cable.
On my next shore tour, I took a vacation from school to run a large major overseas shore station as a command master chief.
The Tench Francis School of Business graduated its first Shore Station Senior Leadership Course on March 25 in Falls Church, Va.
A continuous wireless data and voice communications link, designed and manufactured by Harris and InTalk, provided a critical connection to an operations shore station nine miles away.
The initial land-based shore station facilities and spectrum required to operate the service are being provided under an agreement with AT&T, and will involve AT&T's facilities in California, Florida and New Jersey.
The customer, ship or shore station, from the RHICS home page can request material from their supporting HAZMIN Center over the web.
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