shore leave

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leave granted to a sailor or naval officer


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The latest case to fall into his lap involves a Navy lieutenant on shore leave who stumbled out of a busy bar straight into the path of an oncoming taxi and was killed outright.
The Pentagon said shore leave had been cancelled for other servicemen from the US Navy guided-missile destroyer, the USS Ross, which was expected to leave Istanbul on Thursday.
Father-of-three Leading Seaman Timmy MacColl, 27, vanished while on shore leave in Dubai on May 27, 2012.
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The 28-year-old leading seaman from Killin, Perthshire, went missing in Dubai during shore leave exactly one year ago tonight.
The 28-year-old leading seaman went missing during shore leave exactly one year ago tonight.
While on 24-hour shore leave in Dubai, a 28-year-old female U.
Flower refutes suggestions that his team's crass first-innings batting in the drawn first Test was somehow down to his players treating the warm-up week in Queenstown like sailors on shore leave, the Daily Mirror reports.
Beware of the cops, freaks, and Marines on shore leave.
THE hunt for the killer of a sailor who died while on shore leave will be shown on Crimewatch tonight.
Colt's first show was "On the Town," the 1944 musical about sailors on a 24-hour shore leave in New York.
They could be stuck at anchor for two or three days without the opportunity to come ashore: many seafarers involved in the tanker industry may not receive shore leave for nine months aboard ship.
aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk from docking in Hong Kong to give its crew members holiday shore leave.
I've heard the council is spending like drunken sailors on shore leave,'' City Councilman Ara Najarian said.
The infamous Reeperbahn for recreational shore leave was built on a site originally used for braiding ships' ropes, but modern architecture has embraced even this aspect of popular entertainment with an Erotic Museum designed by Jan Stormer.
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