shore leave

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leave granted to a sailor or naval officer


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Mr Cavanagh had been on shore leave on September 23 and had gone on a night out with Mr Laffan and two other friends, the inquest heard.
It was that same Fancy Free, with its music by Leonard Bemstein and setting by Oliver Smith, about three World War II sailors on shore leave in Times Square, that changed his life.
Sustaining various wounds and earning honors and decorations in frequent combat, he spent three years straight on cruisers in the South Pacific without even a bit of quiet shore leave.
But this is a rich country that still spends money like a sailor on shore leave.
Missing sailor Timmy MacColl's wife and children will be spending Father's Day wondering what's happened to him after he vanished during shore leave in Dubai.
Tel: 029 2031 0312 Twenty Twenty Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff Tickets: pounds 6 Raucous rock played by kids who look about 12, but drink like sailors on shore leave.
Six of us sailors made use of a few days' shore leave in Brazil to visit the local football stadium where we met the great man and many of his famous team-mates.
Anthony Cavanagh was on shore leave enjoying a night out in Liverpool city centre when he accidentally bumped into a drinker outside a bar.
In recent years I am also concerned that the loyal and hardworking crews of merchant ships, many from poor Middle and Far Eastern countries, are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain shore leave without harassment in many ports.
The crew of Durham's adopted aircraft carrier will be renewing links with the city and enjoying some well-deserved shore leave.
A royal Navy aircraft engineer has died from his injuries after a shore leave incident on a Spanish Island.
Shore Leave paraded their lush Crosby, Stills and Nash vocal harmonies to tear-welling effect, although A Matter Of Time sounded like a direct rip-off from The Beatles' Lovely Rita and Dear Prudence.
Often Navy personnel are away for five months at a time - and complain that they are all at sea about what is happening in Coronation Street and EastEnders by the time they get shore leave.
Four months earlier, Pople's Court Martial had heard, she had had sex with Lt McTear in the back of a hire car during shore leave in Malta.
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