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Synonyms for shopworn

Synonyms for shopworn

worn or faded from being on display in a store


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One problem with mobilizing such shopworn myths to buttress a counterpoint: does anyone really believe them anymore?
The genuinely refreshing central premise is weighed down by the shopworn tropes of self-conscious banter, quirky rituals, and of course, the requisite shots of funny faces in a photo booth.
Featuring interviews with all the main players, it's a documentary to which the usual shopworn adjectives of 'stirring' and 'inspirational' readily apply.
Featuring interviews with all the main players, it is a documentary to which the usual shopworn adjectives of stirring and inspirational readily apply.
In economics, too, shopworn techniques play out in Republican policy, as the tax cuts and deregulation that remedied the malaise of the 1970s--the anti-planning plan, as it were--are urged over and over in a crisis of a very different kind.
All they have to do, year after year, is parrot the same old stock of unchanging, shopworn propositions, formulas, rules and definitions .
Conventional wisdom about head injuries is shopworn.
Their picture is aslant,/strung up on thick thread,/yet the tattered bristles at the/window deny them the moment,/curling the shopworn into redundancy.
This notion--that American individualism is incompatible with shared responsibility--is a shopworn talking point of the Chamber of Commerce set.
It merely proffers shopworn claims that the Religious Right has circulated for years by insisting that public education is under the control of the National Education Association and that schools promote homosexuality.
The primary voting season already looks a bit shopworn, yet the first caucuses and elections are many months down the road.
Older locations that may have become shopworn, undersized or in an unwanted strip center have closed.
Whether or not this experiment works, it is worth a try, if not with Paris Hilton then perhaps with some other slightly shopworn star like Kevin Costner, Michael Keaton or Bette Midler.
That seems a long time ago and since then they have become a little shopworn by five successive matches against the division's big fish, the latest of which culminated in a 52-3 beating at Rotherham last weekend and injuries to two props and a hooker.
As citizens of the 21st century, shouldn't we inspire our students to think beyond old-fashioned gender and race and ethnic relations that were shopworn, if not already patently offensive, by the end of the 20th century?