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a window of a store facing onto the street

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Material culture, from shopwindows, advertising wares, tourist artifacts.
A Mangar International spokeswoman said it has previously visited the Dsseldorf trade event which was an important shopwindow for the company.
to be left out in the cold at Wales' premier shopwindow for Welsh arts and culture.
For a few examples, see Mary Louise Roberts, "Samson and Delilah Revisited: The Politics of Women's Fashions in 1920s France," American Historical Review 98 (1993): 657-84; Steven Zdatny, "La Mode a la Garconne, 1900-1925: Une Histoire Sociale des Coupes de Cheveux," Le Mouvement Social 174 (1996): 23-56; Steven Zdatny, "Hair and Fashion, 1910-1920: A Coiffeur's History of a Critical Decade," Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Western Society for French History 24 (1997): 335-45; McMillan, Housewife or Harlot, 163-67; Rearick, The French in Love and War, 52-53; Auffret, La France de l'entre deux guerres, 109-10; and Tag Gronberg, Beware Beautiful Women: The 1920s Shopwindow Mannequin and a Physiognomy of Effacement," Art History 20 (1997): 375-82.
In fact, his store had no doors; one might say it had the creak of a door but no real doors, just a small shopwindow with a handle that swung open into the shop, letting the customer into a cramped room.
In the next shopwindow they are displaying a new mg shampoo called Golem and poor Kafka has become more of a corporate logo than a shade.
It is significant that this scene is preceded by Alan's love scene with Miss Lou Vipond, a shopwindow dummy.
29); once he saw it in a shopwindow, "[t]he conviction grew upon him that his very life would be changed if he owned the telescope" (p.
Sizemore notes in "'The Small Cardboard Box': A Symbol of The City and Winnie Verloc in Conrad's The Secret Agent," Modern Fiction Studies 24 (1978), that in the earlier serial version of The Secret Agent a small cardboard box for sale in Verloc's shopwindow is labeled "Superfine India Rubber" (28).
It provided substantial revenues and, importantly, a critical global shopwindow for non-U.
The best-sellers in the shopwindow satisfy some customers and help to cover our overhead, but it is the well-selected assortment of new, standard, and classic works that gives Robinson Crusoe its literary and philosophical depth.
Every young player needs experience and at Nuneaton I was guaranteed games and it's an opportunity to get myself in the shopwindow.
Likewise, the emaciated porcine sculptures called Squeeze Machines may suggest a pigsty, but were positioned with excruciating care, like objects in a Fifth Avenue shopwindow, arranged under the eyes of a deformed Medici in the painting Extending the Frontiers.
Gibson is still a sort of hunter-gatherer, storing up images of manga-dressed teens and anticancer "charms" on cell phones in Japan, of objects in a Soho shopwindow, of film sets in Toronto; at the same time he imagines objects and characters that might appear on a page.