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a list of items to be purchased

a list of heterogenous items that someone wants


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AdAdapted's platform places CPG brands in front of consumers with native, non-disruptive ads at the exact moment of decision-making, targeting consumers with laser-like efficiency and getting products on digital shopping lists.
Pauline House, community champion at the Huddersfield store, said more volunteers to hand out the shopping lists would be welcome.
Researchers from Tel Aviv University have translated the texts found; excerpts like, "To Eliashib: And now, give the Kittiyim three baths of wine, and write the name of the day," and "A full homer of wine, bring tomorrow; don't be late," might ring familiar to any spouse or family member left with a "honey-do" or shopping list, proving that gentle reminders for loved ones never go out of style.
This is a staple feature of many of the grocer-branded apps available today, but there are also third-party apps dedicated to creating shopping lists, including Grocery IQ, Shopping List, Grocery List and MyShopi.
Flow allows iPhone users add products to their Amazon shopping list simply by clicking them with the device's in-built camera.
The company has partner tools, fully branded white label experiences and SDKs (software development kits) available to enable media, lifestyle, grocery retail and consumer packaged goods properties to implement shopping list and recipe box features into their sites and mobile applications.
The planning tools easily integrate from computer to mobile, so that items added to a shopping list on one platform are automatically updated on all others.
For example, 81% of list users do not specify brands on their shopping lists.
Design a 3D Room -- Automatically transform your shopping lists into a 3D design that is completely customizable using a powerful wizard.
Stores technology expert Alan Townsend said: "Hand-written shopping lists will be obsolete.
A valuable resource for when power is down, when one is without a refrigerator, or simply when one wants to use less energy, The Storm Gourmet is packed with shopping lists for the ideal emergency pantry, more than 70 recipes using nonperishable and shelf-stable food items, suggested menus for balanced meals, a guide to growing a storm-proof herb garden, and tips for weathering storms.
Nine different theme parties include decorating ideas, menus with countdown, and shopping lists, in addition to helpful hints and do-it-ahead and do-it-in-less-time suggestions.
About an hour later, participants were taken to a supermarket where they attempted to remember items from their shopping lists and put them into a cart.
Your gamecard has six shopping lists each containing goods or words from the Heart of England Co-op.