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a handcart that holds groceries or other goods while shopping

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In addition to already established shopping cart manufacturers, sources as disparate as an eighth-grade student and the U.
As strange as it might seem, more children suffer head injuries in shopping cart mishaps than they do from accidents involving strollers, high chairs and a host of other children's products.
Earlier this year, on the heels of mounting injuries and a tragic death, warnings were added to shopping carts to alert consumers not to place their personal infant carriers or car seats directly on the shopping cart.
When considering shopping cart safety, in addition to the risk of a child being injured by or in a cart, parents may also want to consider the exposure to bacteria and germs on shopping cart handles that expose them and their children to a different kind of danger.
The 99 Cent Only Stores have had special ``stoppers'' on their shopping carts for a long time.
Web-Fulfilment Limited (WFL) has introduced its Smart Shopping Cart which can be integrated into a company's existing web site or form the basis of a new site.
PDG Shopping Cart generates the registration codes and presents them to online shoppers immediately upon credit card verification - thus eliminating the waiting period for email validation.
The shopping carts used in grocery supermarkets and department stores are associated with injuries to more than 25,000 children every year, often severe enough to send them to hospital emergency rooms, according to a national survey.
BOSTON -- The SeeWhy Conversion Academy, the research arm of shopping cart recovery firm SeeWhy Inc.
And while the basic shopping cart design hasn't changed drastically since Goldman's game-changing concept, there have been innovations.
PrestaShop - An Efficient Open Source E-commerce Shopping Cart Solution
Now the shopping cart industry is communicating this message by placing the warning directly on the shopping cart itself
Fully integrated, turnkey shopping cart reduces total cost of ownership, available for immediate implementation
com), the leader in small business ecommerce web hosting shopping cart services, announced today the launch of its 3000th online store using Webplus Shop free ecommerce website hosting.
The company, which specializes in sanitizing products and services for business and public environments, now offers the Shopping Cart Sanitizing System to provide an effective, environmentally friendly solution to the problem of germs that may be spread by contact with the carts, according to company officials.