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someone who visits stores in search of articles to buy

a commercial agent who shops at the competitor's store in order to compare their prices and merchandise with those of the store that employs her

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In-Store Marketing: Manufacturers and retailers should work collaboratively to develop promotional strategies based on the needs, wants and appetite of their "common" best shopper.
We designed our shopper research to address the knowledge gap that retailers said existed here.
John Schoen, general manager of the market, said shoppers get a 40 percent to 70 percent discount on everything they buy.
This month's Times & Trends Report, "Shopper Marketing: Every Decision Begins and Ends with the Shopper," is a free report available from SymphonyIRI, the world's leading innovation partner that enables CPG, retail and healthcare companies to create and maximize new opportunities.
Shoppers pay 10 percent of an item's value, then have 60 days to pay it off, with no finance charge.
This report offers the most up to date and authoritative analysis of digital shopper marketing, presenting detailed insight into shoppers' awareness, usage and appeal of different digital initiatives, their views on barriers to adoption and broader analysis of key trends and opportunities in the market.
With increased competition and segmentation among grocery, discount, and wholesale outlets, securing emotional shopper loyalty ties closely to a retailer's ability to hold market share, according to the paper.
Mobile phones can help facilitate a greater number of touch points with the consumer in shopper mode, extending beyond the store environment.
Yet foodservice shoppers actually spent less than the average shopper in both fast-food restaurants and mass merchandisers last year--a positive sign for supermarketers.
Digital shopper marketing is the use of digital media to target consumers as shoppers in order to influence their decision making along their path to purchase.
Sparing harried shoppers the agony of trying to find a parking spot in an overcrowded lot, only to endure long lines at the check stand, a new online service from Vons will now deliver groceries to a customer's front door in a matter of hours.
Money makes a difference, and deli and bakery shoppers tend to have more of it than the average shopper.
com/research/cd7290/shopper_marketing) has announced the addition of the "Shopper Marketing Trends 2010: A Guide to Shopper Trends and Shopper Marketing Initiatives in UK Food and Grocery" report to their offering.
It's a mother-daughter thing,'' said Barbara Glucksman, Vaisman's mother and a self-described professional shopper.