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the front side of a store facing the street

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Dorothy Hoskins of HES said: "With so much shopping taking place online and the growth of chain shops who do not necessarily have a traditional shopfront that focuses on their goods, it's easy to forget how impressive, memorable and welldisplayed shopfronts could impact on business.
Business owners are benefitting from the latest round of funding to improve shopfronts across the town centre.
The existing shopfront is to be retained and the existing fascia sign replaced.
Ushiwear has also asked residents to give their verdict on three alternative designs for its shopfront after the original plan was turned down.
For the first time in its history, the Shopfront Theatre has released a season of activity for this autumn.
Explaining some of the elements of the directive, Al Hammadi said store owners would be prevented from covering up shopfront windows with any kind of signs or advertisements.
The idea that a glossy shopfront with no shop inside it is going to persuade you to think of opening a business there is pie in the sky.
An ugly takeaway shopfront put up illegally was torn down by workmen after a four-year battle to get the owner to change it.
AN UGLY takeaway shopfront that was put up illegally was dramatically torn down by workmen today after a four-year battle to get the owner to change it.
Mercy Hospice Auckland CEO Jan Nichols sees the shop in Ellerslie as a great shopfront to highlight the work of the hospice.
Since 1994, Hamburg's Architecture Summer Triennial festival (AR July 2003) has become a widely publicised shopfront for ideas.
Paul Thomas, minor external alterations comprising of fresh air intake grille, condensing unit, extraction flue, new doorway to rear and removal of existing signs and painting from shopfront, 20A, Manchester Road.
The structural engineer investigating the collapse discovered that an old wooden lintel on the front of the structure had collapsed which caused caused the masonry on the shopfront of the shop to fall in.
It will add a 260sqmt SU72 shopfront glazing screen to the retail area, in a later phase.