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talk about your business that only others in the same business can understand

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For more information on the use of scripted demos see Shop Talk December 2008 "Sticking With the Script")
In the past few months, Shop Talk has reviewed Skill Sets Nos.
the newsroom scenes are the Achilles' heel of Season 5 - with mainstream entertainment sacrificed to journalistic shop talk, while fact and fiction are mashed up in the confusing manner of docudrama.
Charles Tran, a former financial software developer, said lunchSpark ``provides an escape from lonely lunches and shop talk.
In the survey, conducted by Shop Talk, an RGDATA house magazine, 57% of those polled said their costs had risen by up to 40% over the past five years.
We come to know the characters that make up the town of Eyehill in bits and pieces--through coffee shop talk, gossip, memory and flashbacks.
This CD-ROM contains over 1,900 documents, including peer-reviewed articles, Shop Talk, The Language of Business, On Management, and opinion pieces.
It is supplemented by Shop Talk, a weekly e-mail roundup of Google news.
She seemed relieved when I quickly changed the subject to shop talk about teaching English as a second language.
s "great agony made his reaction to the foreman's reproofs only natural" and that his language was "strong, but not personal, shop talk," the General Motors umpire upheld his discharge.
Finally, there is plenty of shop talk in his conversations to keep film students and film buffs interested.
In some ways Shop Talk is a misleading title, suggesting detailed discussions about the minutiae of fictional composition and inspiration.
In this issue of Shop Talk, Jenny Tomkins and Pamela Brown describe a typical TGIF day in research administration.
The text of Ink, Paper, Metal, Wood is equal parts print-media lesson, personal opinion, shop talk, and biography, all imprinted with the author's voice.
Barbara Giles, associate publisher of the black beauty trade magazine Shop Talk, says, "Salon owners can avoid certain pitfalls by hiring the professional services of accountants and lawyers.