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a union member who is elected to represent fellow workers in negotiating with management


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Shop steward Richard McCarthy told RTE news drivers felt aggrieved by the suspension of the sick pay scheme and the cancellation of some annual leave by Transdev Ireland.
However, I do accept the Government's proposals to publish and if necessary regulate the cost to the taxpayer of 'full time' trade union shop stewards working in the public sector.
Shop Steward says he hopes that his union will press with renewed vigour for a substantial rise in the basic rate.
In all my years as a shop steward I never needed to call a strike, and privately I would have felt a failure if I had.
Management of the commission further said that claims that union shop steward, Dusken Kabande was suspended for allegedly questioning the shortlisting criteria was false.
GMB general secretary Paul Kenny said union shop stewards from the Total site at Lindsey were waiting to meet a national official from Acas, claiming that employers were refusing to take part in talks.
Willie, in his capacity as T&G shop steward, was supposed to sit in on the interviews and represent the interests of the employees.
Shop stewards from both unions met earlier this week and voted unanimously on the action, following the break down of regional pay talks.
CUPE Local 2081, representing college staff, complains that the recommendation to shut down the service "happened without any consultation and without looking at alternatives that might have mitigated the need for such a radical proposal," Louise Oetting, Chief Shop Steward, said.
The day the workers approved a new deal, union leaders asked Murray to train to become a shop steward, one of the union's workplace representatives.
These union officials tend to have bargaining priorities similar to those of stewards and members, and, far from seeing the expansion of shop steward activities as a challenge to their authority, they are likely to encourage shop stewards to play a larger role in collective bargaining and union affairs.
In Denmark, the institution of shop steward was established in 1900.
Aitchison, who is the shop steward, explained: "Times have changed, and we've all got to work together now.
In a representative testimony, Mizael Bizzotto, an IKA-Renault shop steward, stated:
The shop steward can be either elected by co-workers in a particular work setting or appointed by the officers of a local.