shop mechanic

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a craftsman skilled in operating machine tools

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Daisy Ridley as junk shop mechanic Kira supposedly sports short hair.
The bikes are finished in a few days and are again checked out by the shop mechanics.
Jerry's traditionally splits its business between counter sales and sales to auto shop mechanics.
One of the museum's most famous exhibits, the five-time TT-winning Works Triumph nicknamed Slippery Sam, is back after its total rebuild by the factory race shop mechanics who built it originally.
Exploration manager Wayne Reid says they intend to use a full range of companies, including engineering firms, certified hoist and headframe contractors, machine shop mechanics, welders to build steel equipment, carpenters to renovate offices and trailer rentals and fuel contractors for their generators at Clavos.
Participants range from do-it-yourselfers to auto body and repair shop mechanics to repair and maintenance operators.
Sherman Brothers of Eugene instituted a similar program for its shop mechanics two years ago.
Shop mechanics will be able to tap into databases for information by model, automotive system or even specific part numbers.
EDC) is introducing two new environmental and safety training/awareness guides for shop mechanics and technicians.