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workplace consisting of the part of a factory housing the machines

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NGC's Shop Floor Control is a configurable system for any manufacturing business.
8220;Not only does it provide increased visibility across the entire shop floor with additional data analysis and reporting capabilities, all of the data is in one system for better informed decision making and overall business and process management.
Shop floor service at Tesco, Wolverton, was lacking and the checkout experience was worse.
cannot be accomplished simply by collecting shop floor data and passing it on to the ERE Rather, the ERP system must be active in pushing orders to the shop floor.
Several large manufacturing firms believe that variability in their measurement systems initially contributed 20-25 percent to the problems and defects found on their shop floors.
Though some women automobile workers relied on their wartime seniority to remain in automobile factories, the massive purge of women effectively resulted in the "defeminization" of the automotive shop floor.
Automated data acquisition through OPC server interfaces provide communication with shop floor equipment.
1A, allows the addition of Shop Floor Control functionality to the already powerful Windows-based MRP system.
Office furniture maker Miller SQA describes its shop floor as "a closed-loop, high-velocity, make-to-order manufacturing environment".
Or political movements can fashion a genuinely level playing field on the shop floor so that exhaustively detailed rules are unnecessary and retaliation against those who report gross abuses either to management or government is less likely.
Since the late 1960s, it has been clear that apathy and antagonism on the shop floor are major business problems.
When I asked him what he thought of the Postal Service's plans to increase cooperation on the shop floor, he said, "I can sum it up in one world: bullshit.
Deltek adds manufacturing execution, shop floor time, and bar coding to its Deltek Costpoint[R] product family; New capabilities support project manufacturers as they improve production efficiency and visibility and deliver on LEAN and paperless manufacturing initiatives
has chosen NGC's Shop Floor Control platform for its denim and twill manufacturing plant in Nicaragua.
Priamus will roll out a new Shop Floor Control that manages on a central server process data generated from cavity-pressure and temperature signals from each machine.