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We don't sell Japanese books," the report quoted a shop clerk, as saying.
Snorkley, the pet shop clerk, unlocked the door, Larry was focused on the gumballs.
Vasu Devnathani, an Indian shop clerk at the New Naif Market, can speak up to six languages including Arabic, Iranian and Russian.
Shy comic-book shop clerk Clarence falls head over heels in love with prostitute Alabama and decides to free her from her vicious pimp.
Mohammed Dallal, a 40-year-old clothing shop clerk from Amman, said he wasn't voting because he was "fed up with lawmakers lying to us.
The Fukushima prefectural police arrested company worker Junsuke Okumura and his wife Aya, a shop clerk, both 22, for allegedly holding the hot curling iron against the 6-month-old baby's body, including her right leg, several times in mid-February at their home in the city of Fukushima, causing the child to suffer a burn injury.
As a Palm Springs porn shop clerk, I've seen that gay porn DVD sales are up substantially.
He worked without wages as a shop clerk for three months to secure a job and found success with his new idea of displaying goods where customers could see and touch them, instead of having them behind a counter.
Kinkead protested that the machine's design was seriously flawed, but Ewing overruled those concerns and directed the designer and the shop clerk to proceed with patent applications.
Shy comic-book shop clerk Clarence (Christian Slater) falls head over heels in love with prostitute Alabama (Patricia Arquette) and decides to free her from her vicious pimp (Gary Oldman).
if she spoke to the shop clerk with her perfect, British-accented
Set in an infamous Bushido training field - Byker - this East meets North-East tale depicts a young shop clerk, Jackie, and his encounter with his real father, the samurai warrior Akira.
Volunteer positions at Harrington Memorial Hospital in Southbridge include: gift shop clerk, Flower Committee, magazine and book cart, reception desk, Sewing and Craft Committee, office assistant, knitting and crocheting, special projects, chapel, hospice, patient care, children's tours, food services, volunteer educators, environmental services, hospitality, occupational and physical therapy, transport volunteers, and pastoral outreach volunteers.