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a course of instruction in a trade (as carpentry or electricity)

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As with Shop Class as Soul Craft, this book has a vocational bent.
The bean is not the real prize from the tree, as I learned in woodworking shop class.
The subject of their attention is a 1956 Farmall 300 donated to the school's auto shop class, along with a check for $1,000 to underwrite restoration supplies and materials.
In the wood shop class for example, students use CAD software to design the body of their car and a toolbox.
Sims is largely credited with inventing the first snowboard in 1963 during seventh grade wood shop class.
Shop class was the subject that brought together math, physics and craftsmanship to give life to innovation.
Shop class used to be where many kids were introduced to DIY, but no more.
Alonzo's sawdust-caked pinky following a table saw incident in shop class.
Shop Class as Soulcraft may not be your typical business book, but it's a great read and has a permanent place on my bookshelf.
The book includes experiments in chapters entitled "Experimental Cuisine," "Doomsday DIY," "Raw Power," "Playing with Fire," "Heavy Metal," "Natural Wonders," and "Twisted Shop Class.
I was wearing a brand new cardigan in shop class, thinking I looked really good.
GUITAR LESSONS: A LIFE'S JOURNEY TURNING PASSION INTO BUSINESS comes from the co-founder and president of Taylor Guitars, and provides a fine story of a teen who couldn't afford a guitar, made his own in shop class during his junior year of high school, and went on to evolve an entire career making guitars.
In many districts, computer science is taught through vocational departments, often along with shop class.
Shop class needs to be brought back into schools--and both the farm boys and the computer nerds need to take it.
For instance female students were regularly discouraged from taking shop class.