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a preserve on which hunting is permitted during certain months of the year

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Mullin encourages the use of the words hunting resort or club over shooting preserve.
LIVE ROUNDS There is no better test than shooting live birds, so I took the Viper to the Claythorne Lodge Shooting Preserve near Columbus, Kansas.
Owner Nick Germanio attributes much of the success of the store to the nearby hunting preserve which he also operates, the 1,200-acre Belleplain Farms Shooting Preserve.
PEN-RAISED FUN Another thing for late season is taking pup hunting at a shooting preserve.
In September 2006, 160 elk escaped from a shooting preserve near Rexburg, Idaho, causing wildlife officials in Idaho and Wyoming to shudder.
Then, in my best professorial tone, I began to explain that chukars aren't seen in the Lone Star State unless you're on or near a shooting preserve.
Although Orion's guests are enthusiastic about coming to hunt at the licensed shooting preserve, public statements made by individuals remarking about a war on Orion gave rise to serious security concerns.
Orion, a shooting preserve licensed by the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, conducts a variety of upland game bird hunts for groups of up to 16 hunters.
Five years ago, the ranch was purchased by John von Schlegell of Portland and Bill Smith of Bend, who removed cattle from the land and created a pheasant shooting preserve, allowing the beginnings of stream restoration.
I like to equate our pheasants with opening day wild birds," says Keith Houghton, who has been at the shooting preserve game a long time and whose Tipton, Kan.
But there's an interesting option available these days--the shooting preserve.
I would expect her to do better on a shooting preserve type hunt than on a totally wild bird hunt.
I assume the birds you shot were on a shooting preserve as it is May and open seasons are usually well over by now.
On a recent hunt at a local shooting preserve she started off running with her head and tail up, just covering the ground like a champ.