shooting iron

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Intensive, abusive shooting had literally worn out a fine little shooting iron, and the Performance Center had restored it to like new condition.
Where else will you find somewhere to store your shooting irons safely under lock and key while you dine on a gourmet guineafowl dish at the same time as the bar meal menu confidently boasts Heinz tomato soup with dunking bread for the kids?
The collection features more than 70,000 items - from shooting irons to shot glasses - and is presented in a gleaming 50,000-square-foot facility.
He straps on his shooting irons for one last time to earn a big bounty on offer in a town rejoicing in the name of Big Whiskey.
Cavanaugh showed up for ours in authentic western costume, sporting a Gabby Hayes beard and packing two ornery- looking shooting irons in his belt.