shooting iron

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Since 1998 Barnett has collared 12,000 illegals for the Border Patrol (the New York Times describes him as a "special prize to the immigrant rights groups"), and he thought these might be a threat and pulled his shooting iron.
Which makes us wonder: If you were a barrista, would you want to have to tell an armed wingnut he has to leave his shooting iron at the door?
But just when you expect Walt to go all Harry Callaghan and clean up his neighbourhood with the shooting iron, things change for the better.
Selecting a shooting iron for springtime work can be as simple as one wants to make it.
Or, hell, your favorite customer who for years has been packin' the shooting iron he bought from you, but who knows that there are a whole lot of situations where pulling a gun just isn't warranted, yet where making a bad guy cooperative is a necessity.