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a small country house used by hunters during the shooting season

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You may use the sights from time to time, but when I am training from my back or shooting box drills at high speed on my local range, I find myself shooting instinctively most of the time.
They reached the shooting box in Wessenden Head Road, where Dr McGirr, of Meltham, was waiting with an ambulance.
Most game will soon learn to ignore the presence of a permanent stand or shooting box, but I have seen big whitetail bucks that never fully accepted these structures and always detoured around them at a safe distance.
I use both Speer #11 and Remington #10 caps and keep both in my shooting box.
At 25 feet with a sandbag positioned on my shooting box, the gun performed admirably with both Remington and Winchester ammunition.
I found plenty of room in the now-six-foot bed for the two-dog box, a 54-quart cooler, my large shooting box and six cased shotguns.
You should always carry a 6" bastard file in your shooting box to be used to file the tops of fixed sights and bring your groups into the "X" ring.
Here's a neat item to add to your shooting box, glove compartment or pack.
It is small enough to fit comfortably in your possibles bag without taking up much room, and it would be an ideal addition to any shooting box.
He has a shooting box containing about everything under the sun, including a tube of Super Glue.
USPSA events, fairly or not, are perceived by many to be run-and-gun affairs, with competitors sprinting from shooting box to shooting box firing their race gun as they leave a trail of empty mags and cases flying in their wake.
I have one that lives in my shooting box and it always gets a workout.
Fortunately, my shooting box had a set metric Allen keys from a previous love affair with an HK rifle.
Also, don't pay too much attention to the activity in the neighboring shooting box.
But step into the shooting box for real, and the simple task of ringing those five white plates at a torrid pace takes on the subtle complexity of a ballet.