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murder by shooting someone down in cold blood

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Patriot martyr: After the shoot-down of KAL Flight 007, Larry McDonald appeared on the covers of The Review of the News (a precursor to THE NEW AMERICAN) and Conservative Digest.
The Threat is beginning to build aircraft with true lookdown, shoot-down capability, and the purpose of this airplane is to remove that threat.
The Airborne Laser is for real, and we are proceeding toward a shoot-down demonstration planned for late 2003," said Air Force Col.
In preparation for the shoot-down, the Navy modified its Aegis anti-missile radar system for satellite tracking.
Called the world's first laser-armed combat aircraft and described as part of an approaching revolution in weaponry, the airborne laser's testing will lead up to a simulated shoot-down of a Scud missile in December 2004.
At Edwards, sophisticated laser equipment developed by teammates Lockheed Martin and TRW will be installed prior to missile shoot-down demonstrations,'' Boeing, the program's leading contractor, said in a statement announcing the completion of aircraft modification.
When I was over there for four years, I actually met with people in the village, and I talked with the brother of the man who was credited with the shoot-down.