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In Israel, foreign TV programs run from shoot-'em-up fare such as "Charlie's Angels" to less violent shows like "The Love Boat" and "Upstairs, Downstairs.
It will instantly remind older gamers of coin-op favourite Defender, being a side-scrolling spaceship shoot-'em-up tasking you with saving captured humans.
She told the USA Today newspaper: "Would I like to do a shoot-'em-up film?
A SHOOT-'EM-UP, starring Ray Liotta (above) that will appeal to a certain crowd, especially late-night action junkies who get their kicks on a cocktail of mindless sex and violence.
Those in search of a shoot-'em-up page-turner may want to listen to just the first and last third; the more thoughtful will relish the meaty middle.
JOWOOD'S Aquanox for PC is a water-based shoot-'em-up designed to make specific use of nVidia's GeForce3 graphics technology, and it really looks the part.
It's tempting to think of this as boy art, a young lad's shoot-'em-up fantasies.
His team's been in high gear to produce ``Resistance: Fall of Man'' for the PlayStation 3, a shoot-'em-up he calls brutal, but can't say much else about until it makes its official debut today.
It's John Woo meets John Wayne a good ol' shoot-'em-up which is cool, too.
A grown-up, planet-jumping shoot-'em-up game that reinvents a classic Nintendo franchise .
The game lets you choose which levels to attack, adding a little strategic thinking to what is otherwise a shoot-'em-up experience.
His ``A Fistful of Dollars,'' ``For a Few Dollars More'' and other Italian-made films paid homage to the Hollywood Western and fashioned a new kind of shoot-'em-up revered by such filmmakers as Quentin Tarantino.
Okay, it's a shoot-'em-up, but it has great thrust and a plot that tends to make sense - which lifts a game that might otherwise be over looked.
I find her eyes a bit dodgy," says 27-year-old Sienna, who blames all the shoot-'em-up scenes making new film GI Joe for the doll's shifty expression.
Instead of a shoot-'em-up, "Heroes" is more of a look-'em-up game: Players click on statues of ancient generals and Communist Party heroes to learn their experiences and carry out tasks like moving bricks.