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And Elmer's shoot-'em-up may not have been his first: He faces assault charges in a separate incident in which he allegedly sprayed unarmed border crossers with machine-gun fire.
In Israel, foreign TV programs run from shoot-'em-up fare such as "Charlie's Angels" to less violent shows like "The Love Boat" and "Upstairs, Downstairs.
It will instantly remind older gamers of coin-op favourite Defender, being a side-scrolling spaceship shoot-'em-up tasking you with saving captured humans.
The government clearly does not want to risk a shoot-'em-up with Israel.
She told the USA Today newspaper: "Would I like to do a shoot-'em-up film?
A SHOOT-'EM-UP, starring Ray Liotta (above) that will appeal to a certain crowd, especially late-night action junkies who get their kicks on a cocktail of mindless sex and violence.
Those in search of a shoot-'em-up page-turner may want to listen to just the first and last third; the more thoughtful will relish the meaty middle.
It's tempting to think of this as boy art, a young lad's shoot-'em-up fantasies.
Parodius Deluxe is a classic sideways scrolling shoot-'em-up on the Playstation and Sega Saturn.
PressTV, the English-language outlet of Iranian state broadcasting, only devoted four short paragraphs to what would be an astounding story if it were true--the first shoot-'em-up ever between Iranian and American ground forces.
His team's been in high gear to produce ``Resistance: Fall of Man'' for the PlayStation 3, a shoot-'em-up he calls brutal, but can't say much else about until it makes its official debut today.
Good old beat-'em-up, shoot-'em-up Sylvester Stallone is currently finalising the plans for Rambo 4 - and the latest idea for the script (backed by the author of the original) has loonie loner Vietnam vet John Rambo working for the causes of peace and diplomacy in the United Nations' New York HQ.
But not for old-timer Sylvester Stallone, aiming for a Nobel Peace Prize in a grisly shoot-'em-up with slightly less blood and guts than a butcher's shop.
22 /PRNewswire/ -- Virgin Interactive Entertainment is unleashing "Creature Shock," an explosive, futuristic adventure that mixes space shoot-'em-up with stunning flight simulation techniques and breath-taking graphics, to plunge players into a world of alien intrigue.
A grown-up, planet-jumping shoot-'em-up game that reinvents a classic Nintendo franchise .