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an undercover police officer who investigates other policemen

a child's rocking chair with the seat built between two flat sides that are shaped to resemble an animal (such as a swan or duck)

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Contact # is for the author, reach Shoofly via that email.
Weaver notes that it was during the prewar period (1933-1939) that Pennsylvania Dutch became the preferred term (replacing Pennsylvania German) of cookbook writers, and that "the Amish table" of stereotypical tourist foods (chicken and waffles,(2) seven sweets and seven sours, shoofly pie, etc.
Shoofly pie is made from molasses, brown sugar, cinnamon, flour, butter and salt, and sometimes nutmeg.
For instance, the shoofly quilt square, which my students recreated, represented a trusted person who would help in the slave's escape at a meeting point on the journey.
With so much history and culture, you might think this is a stuffy city, but it's actually a fun town, with great sports teams, a colorful Italian market in South Philly, and the Reading Terminal Market where you can buy shoofly pie or cinnamon buns from the Pennsylvania Dutch, along with other ethnic goodies.
one that is diffused, fragmented, and without a center, but also one that is charged with energy, individual initiative and the capacity to organize around particular interests" (168); "The county's character is changing from sunbonnets and shoofly pies to corporate centers and shopping plazas, from historic towns and postcard farms to strip developments and roadway billboards" (188).
Rockers Bernadette Colomine and her gay ex-husband, Terry Durbin, are raising a ruckus with their sexy band, Shoofly
Most lexicons show the 1937 noun shoo-in shoehorned between shoofly and shook, where it is defined "1.
John Joseph Stoudt, Sunbonnets and Shoofly Pies: A Pennsylvania Dutch Cultural History, A.
Some farms sell quilts, woodwork or homemade food such as shoofly pie (a molasses cakelike pie with crumb topping).
According to Redman's research, the Shoofly people and their neighbors remained simply organized, perhaps into extended families or clans, deriving their subsistence from domesticated plants.
Doubleglove Mittens for lovers, a hand-painted Hex Sign, and authentic Amish Shoofly Pie Mix are among the 20 diverse, native Pennsylvania products destined for national success during the broadcast to a national viewing audience of 52 million households by the very entrepreneurs who created them.
Now, crews will build a temporary traffic diversion off CO 257, called a shoofly, that will allow traffic to continue to move while crews work on CO 60 and CO 257 occurs at the same time.
There was no relief for bookmakers with four winning favourites and no winners above 4-1, rounded off by the wellbacked 11-8 market leader Shoofly winning the 1m4f maiden.
MATT Griffiths rode out his claim after galvanising Shoofly Milly to victory in the Aspen Waite Complete Business Growth Service Mares' Handicap Hurdle at Taunton.