shoo off

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drive away by crying 'shoo!'

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Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) [India], September 1 ( ANI ): Lucknow's Shyama Prasad Civil Hospital has issued a directive to all nurses to shoo off dogs from the hospital premises, inviting the ire of the nurses employed there.
On the whole, the three mares are remarkably patient, flicking their heads occasionally to shoo off such irritating, unwanted pests.
And there were times a fan might wish Olson would shoo off all the `athleticism' and recruit the entire Bulgarian national team.
There is no mistaking the sound of an elephant flapping its ears to shoo off tsetse flies, and we heard that sound emanating from a 270-degree arc centered on our trail out front.
And while the NBA's fallback position places boom microphones near a team's huddle -- mikes that coaches are permitted to shoo off -- the league can't get away from one undeniable trend: Its television ratings are mired in a slump as bad as the Chicago Bulls' without Michael Jordan.