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drive away by crying 'shoo!'

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The researchers applied cloths containing the compounds to the outside of thick gloves worn by human volunteers and measured the length of time before each cloth lost its ability to shoo away mosquitoes.
In their early days these illustrious golfers needed on occasion to shoo away horses and cattle to play their shots because the course winds around the pleasant heathland of ancient Penn Common which gave locals grazing rights.
Try an aloe vera gel (the 99% kind in drugstores) to shoo away pain and swelling.
Then he sprinkled Alonso with perfumed water, called Agua Florida, to shoo away unwanted visitors from the spirit realm.
Dave Noland and Todd Langford to shoo away a moose that had wandered into base housing near a hillside children use for sledding.
Firefighter Mark, who was brought up in Finham, Coventry, but now lives in Windsor, helped shoo away the polar bear which visited the camp at the start of the trip by firing a shot into the air.
The sculpted figures next to the central figure include two standing female attendants using flywhisks to shoo away any bothersome insects from the deity.
I wave my hand - the one with the sprained wrist - in the general direction of the glass,attempting to shoo away the fly.
When applying sprays to your garden, just spray the plants that need it, don't blanket the whole garden or you'll shoo away the beneficial insects.
The health care and defense industries have been trying to shoo away the FCA for over a decade.
It's the kind of thing that parents do for little children: shoo away the nasties, pretend they didn't happen.
In the Tree House, players are invited to play one of three different tool games: Tool Tag, a game where kids try to shoo away pesky termites that have invaded Tonka Joe's Workshop; Tool Challenge, where Tonka Joe will challenge kids to various Olympic-type events; or Tool Tunes, a memory game using sounds.
Cheeky panto fans are pirating the foam rubber rocks used to shoo away the baddies in David's version of the desert-island adventure.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's Air Defense System has been on full alert during the Iranian Air Force wargames over the Persian Gulf in a bid to shoo away any possible enemy threat or approaching vessels and aircraft of the trans-regional forces in the region.
Manila: A local government official tasked to shoo away illegal vendors was shot dead at his outpost in a major road in suburban Quezon City, police said.