shoo away

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drive away by crying 'shoo!'

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Autonomic won't just shoo away birds - it would also make sure they won't bother you anymore.
Staff at hospital says no effort made by authorities to shoo away the stray dogs despite many complaints
First, I must shoo away some of the circling seagulls and pick out a few items.
Most of the incidents have happened at night when residents tried to shoo away the dogs who bark loudly.
They were still hooked to the rake but had stomped holes in the dirt with their feet to shoo away the flies.
Police sought in vain to shoo away bystanders and reporters amid fears that the building might collapse.
They might as well be sending readers away with the boilerplate announcements that shoo away a reporter or circulation manager walking out the door with personal effects in a box: "Jane Subscriber has been a wonderfully loyal and productive reader for more than two decades.
The researchers applied cloths containing the compounds to the outside of thick gloves worn by human volunteers and measured the length of time before each cloth lost its ability to shoo away mosquitoes.
In their early days these illustrious golfers needed on occasion to shoo away horses and cattle to play their shots because the course winds around the pleasant heathland of ancient Penn Common which gave locals grazing rights.
A couple of hawks made a half-hearted attempt to shoo away the migrating swarm.
Try an aloe vera gel (the 99% kind in drugstores) to shoo away pain and swelling.
Then he sprinkled Alonso with perfumed water, called Agua Florida, to shoo away unwanted visitors from the spirit realm.
I wave my hand - the one with the sprained wrist - in the general direction of the glass,attempting to shoo away the fly.
The health care and defense industries have been trying to shoo away the FCA for over a decade.
Cheeky panto fans are pirating the foam rubber rocks used to shoo away the baddies in David's version of the desert-island adventure.