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Synonyms for shoestring

a lace used for fastening shoes

a small amount of money

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They also secured the third-calved Shoestring Brooking Jenny VG86, a four-year-old that had calved on August 4, giving 40kg a day, for PS2,000.
Even though Marketing on a Shoestring Budget: A Guide for Small Museums and Historic Sites was intended for small museums and historic sites, this book was reviewed for anyone who is working in any small or resource-challenged library and in particular from the vantage point of librarians in the areas of medicine and the health sciences.
It also has savory potato dishes when it sets up a Spud Buds booth during parties and weddings-like Ultimate Potato Skins with toppings like bacon and cheese, Texas chili, or Mexican picadillo; flavored versions of their shoestring potatoes (white cheese, sour cream, buffalo bleu, chipotle); Potacos (baked and fried potato shells topped with bacon and cheese); and Bacon Bombs (potato balls wrapped with bacon).
PAVE THE WAY IF YOUR urban garden has an old concrete path you want to renew on a shoestring, be warned that the cost of breaking it up and removing it may be high.
Submissions must be received no later than 5pm on Friday, September 20 to SelfBuild on a Shoestring, c/o National SelfBuild Association, Normandy House, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL50 3FB or send PDFs to - shoestring@nasba.
Gluten-Free on a Shoestring Nicole Hunn DaCapo Press c/o Perseus Books Group 11 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142 9780738214238, $19.
So it goes for libraries that are functioning on a shoestring budget.
Document Delivery and Interlibrary Loan on a Shoestring
Performed by the non-profit Shoestring Theatre Company, the festive production is written by John Morley and directed by Bill Wilkinson.
Patrick Meitin's story, "Alaska On A Shoestring" in this issue, reminded me of the good old days, including my shoestring days in Alaska, when the most important tiling I had to do each day was catch fish or get close enough to something to shoot it, and many of my adventures were done alone, really alone.
FAMILIES seeking sightseeing on a shoestring this summer should head for Italy and Greece, a travel survey has shown.
He did that, now he has got to keep us in the Premier League on a shoestring.
Keeping pace with modern technology, Shoestring Astronomy now produces a series of adapters to connect your computer to your telescope mount.
For years, she's courted crisis, surviving on a shoestring budget, minimal supplies and equipment, carrying whatever cargo and passengers are to be had.
But the program had its growing pains when Jackson started it on a shoestring budget from her savings.