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without shoes

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Still, very steadfastly and quietly walking towards it, a peaceful figure too in the landscape, went Mademoiselle Hortense, shoeless, through the wet grass.
Shoeless Joe's Ale House & Grille in Rosemont reopened Friday afternoon after it had to close nearly three weeks ago because of plumbing and electrical issues in the basement.
The shoeless man spent more than five hours trapped with his feet dangling outside after trying to raid a fried chicken restaurant.
We wait patiently in queues, take off anything the security staff say and shuffle, shoeless, through the full-body metal detector.
The early 1900s give us Babe Ruth's paternity suit and Shoeless Joe Jackson's perjury arrest.
Canadian author W P Kinsella, whose book Shoeless Joe became the hit film Field of Dreams, has also died.
A VIOLENT thug who made his girlfriend walk shoeless in the street after he threatened to bite her nose off has been spared jail.
We will lend our hand to nurture life to a parched land of neglect, insensitivity and exploitation so that the starving, shirtless and shoeless will eventually have their redemption over time from social injustice without waiting for electoral circuses coming to town, Olalia said.
There's a touching image trending on social media showing a gentleman offering his sandals to a young shoeless child.
There's a tense moment when he critiques the orchestra; another when a frustrated Sterling Hyltin suggests that with pointe shoeless feet, he doesn't always understand the movements' intricacies.
Wish I could still laugh with the lotus On the bank of the Nile Take off my clothes And dive into the Zambezi Join spirit dancers In the middle of the Ganges Romp with the Rio To the thunder of the samba Fan the Yangtze's face With the fan of the moon Tease the Thames With a shoeless foot Embrace the Volga With open arms Ask the Mississippi For a bowl of water .
The hood fell onto the cooktop and then down onto my shoeless foot.
She was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and was shoeless, socks but no shoes.
Two US Border Patrol agents who forced four suspected drug smugglers to chew marijuana and flee shoeless into the Arizona desert on a chilly November night are due to be sentenced on Tuesday for violating the men's civil rights.
Neighbours called police after finding the shoeless seven-year-old crying for his dad in the road.