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a device used for easing the foot into a shoe

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fit for a specific purpose even when not well suited

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But for shoehorn efforts, the police in the city may have earned the prize when, after bumping elbows in inadequate space in what is now City Hall Annex for many years, in the mid-1980s, they twisted, turned and fit themselves into what had been Stanley's Subaru dealership.
The shoehorn is part of a range of products designed for Habitat by celebrities from the worlds of fashion, sport, music and acting.
USA got Stern to film a running commentary on the changes to the movie, which the network will shoehorn into the showing.
And a few companies, like Amway, were able to shoehorn some particular benefits for themselves into the budget accord -- payback for donating heavily to the Republican Party.
Once we tie them, they stay tied, and you can slip your shoes on and off, using your long-handled shoehorn.
Owen, publicly maintained it was the size of a walk-in closet and we needed a shoehorn to get in and out.
Instead, we have adopted a system of subject-specific classification, which will allow us to reflect more accurately the contours of the undergraduate curriculum instead of trying to shoehorn them into a classification system designed for library catalogs.
This is now called Bar Code but it used to be The Shoehorn Bar.
COM: In the world of feature rich camcorders this is about as high a price as you have to go to get an impressive list of extras that the boffins managed to shoehorn inside.
RIHANNA has criticised artists who shoehorn product placements into their videos.
5-inch-long shoehorn with a "T" handle helps people put on their shoes without straining and stretching.
Mr Johnson said: "Where independent sector providers are not offering good value for money or high-quality patient care, we won't shoehorn them into the NHS.
There are also items that householders did not mean to recycle such as house and car keys and, in one case, a valuable 1880s antique metal shoehorn that was family heirloom of immense personal significance
1 with jazz and blues singer-songwriter Lula LaFever, followed by Jugglemania with Shoehorn (juggling comedian Rhys Thomas and tap-dancing saxophonist Michael "Shoehorn" Conley) on Oct.