shoe string

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Synonyms for shoe string

a small amount of money

a lace used for fastening shoes

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Once again, the bid was done of a shoe string, rather than the figure quoted by the ex-Fairwater representative.
The dress is made of black fine wool with shoe string straps and has a bodice trimmed with sequins.
com include World Art; Rainy Day Art; Rainy Day Art 2; and Art On A Shoe String.
Billy performed wonders on a shoe string budget but didn't hesitate in moving to Hamilton.
Linea Raffaelli ivory lace and organza two piece gown with shoe string straps and tail skirt, pounds 850; 5.
He said: "It's a catch 22 situation because the club are trying to get rid of its best players and the club seems to be run on a shoe string budget.
One girl, whose see-through wisps of silk were held together by the finest of shoe string straps, accidentally flashed the panting paparazzi when her blouse blew up as she strode down the catwalk.
We started on a shoe string with no backer or banks," Stacey said.
The seminars, sponsored by HumanaOne and led by Strauss, will provide information on topics such as: Marketing on a Shoe String Budget, Creating a Strong Business Brand and Navigating Rising Health Care Costs.
We are working on a shoe string and therefore we simply cannot afford two years without Champions League qualification.
Families wanting a holiday on a shoe string really need to do their research to make their money go further.
The Saints defender believes 41-year-old Gus worked wonders on a shoe string budget to keep Buds in the top flight for five seasons in a row and lead them to the Co-operative Insurance Cup Final.
While Dick Advocaat spent pounds 100 million to win fewer trophies in his three years at Ibrox, McLeish existed under the same pressure on a shoe string.
Community projects trying to get by on a shoe string need this cash more.
After last night's pulsating draw, the England and Fulham boss praised what Walsall boss Ray Graydon has achieved on a shoe string